Dental Sedation

Not everyone feels at ease in the dentist’s chair. For some, significant oral health issues require treatment that feels intimidating. Others can find themselves suffering pangs of anxiety at the thought of a routine cleaning and evaluation.

Anxiety around dental care is something we take seriously. We make it clear to our patients from their first visit that they are in an office that will always prioritize their comfort and well-being, and our dentists are part of a legacy of practitioners who have protected the smiles of Waukesha residents. With that said, we understand that unease can be difficult to shake off no matter how comfortable a person is with their dentist. To assist with this, we can provide different forms of dental sedation to make appointments easier.

Why We Offer Sedation To Patients

Dental anxiety affects people to different degrees. For some, it can make more involved care off-putting, and for others any dental appointment is cause for alarm. As we build relationships with patients, we learn what kind of support they might require. With sedation, we offer relief from those negative feelings around care, and it can provide other patients safe access to care. We can discuss which appointments might benefit from sedation, and we can review your different options to make sure you have the right relief.

Dental Sedation Options Available To You

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide—often called “laughing gas”—is administered through a nasal mask for the duration of your treatment. Its continuous delivery keeps you in a conscious but calmed state throughout your time in the dentist’s chair, so you can be responsive without feeling the unease you associate with oral health care. The effects of this gas wear off quickly, so it will not stop you from returning to your day’s plans.

IV Sedation

For patients who need a way to have safe access to care, or those who struggle with higher levels of anxiety, IV sedation is offered. We work with an experienced licensed dental anesthesiologist who will come to our practice and oversee your care. Every step of the process of delivering your anesthesia is overseen by the dental anesthesiologist, which ensures you are safe at all times.

Learn More About Dental Sedation Offered At Our Practice

With dental sedation, we can make treatment comfortable for patients who struggle with anxiety and give patients safe access to care . If you would like to learn more about how we help patients with this, please call Davies General Dentistry in Waukesha, WI at 262-522-7878.