Emergency Care

Emergency care is something we hope you never need. With that said, our practice is ready to help our Waukesha neighbors at a time when they require urgent oral health care! As we do with every service, we prioritize your health and comfort during care, and we will look for a long-term treatment solution that restores your smile.

Why We Offer Emergency Services

Simply put, dental emergencies are upsetting, painful, and even scary. If you find yourself in need of attention, we want you to reach out! Doing so will reduce the time you have to spend in discomfort, and it improves your chances of saving a tooth that is at risk for being lost.

Find Out How Your Waukesha, WI Dental Office Can Help You During An Emergency!

We are ready to respond if you suffer a dental emergency. To learn more or reach out for care, please call Davies General Dentistry in Waukesha, WI at 262-522-7878.