Our Technology

Our practice takes pride in delivering better oral health care experiences. That means giving Waukesha families a better experience during their appointment in addition to delivering great treatment results!

One way we provide better care is with advanced dental technology. Through the right equipment, we make visits safer and more comfortable. We also have the means to produce better, more accurate scans and images that help diagnose problems and plan services.

Our office technology includes the following:

Digital Radiography and Charting

Digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation than traditional alternatives. They also provide prompt images that are easily viewed on a nearby monitor!

3D Scanning Technology

Advanced 3D scanning replaces the need to awkwardly bite into a plaster mold to leave an impression. It also provides detailed specifications that we use to plan treatments and create restorations.

JADE Surgically Clean Air Filtration Units

We have advanced air filtration units in every operatory. This protects patients during treatment and keeps these spaces safer and cleaner for those who come in for care.

VistaClear Water Filtration Unit

Better water filtration removes the threat of foreign particulates and keeps your visits as safe as possible.

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue lasers protect patients by making more precise cuts, limiting tissue damage, removing the need for suturing, and minimizing bleeding that occurs when working on gums and other soft tissues. Your care is more comfortable, and your recovery is easier!

Massaging Dental Chairs

Massaging dental chairs provide an extra level of comfort while helping patients who normally feel anxious relax while they are in the dentist’s chair.

Learn How Davies General Dentistry Uses Advanced Technology To Care For Your Smile

The right technology contributes to your in-office care in important ways. If you would like to learn more about the equipment we use to provide fantastic support to Waukesha, WI families, call Davies General Dentistry at 262-522-7878.