Protecting your gums is important for many reasons. Complications from poor periodontal health is the leading cause of tooth loss, and an untreated infection can actually raise your risk for heart disease and other threats! Unfortunately, once gum disease progresses past its initial stage, it becomes a permanent problem in need of care.

Periodontal care is important to your overall treatment, which is why our practice has effective and comfortable treatment options. We can treat and reverse gingivitis when it is identified during a dental checkup, and we can discuss an effective long-term solution to prevent complications from gum disease.

Reasons To Take Your Gum Health Seriously

Gingivitis is a problem we look for during your dental exams. Unfortunately, patients who are not consistent with checkups can let the problem go unnoticed and untreated for too long. When this happens, gum disease develops and becomes a permanent threat to your well-being!

Gum disease can have many consequences over time, including:

  • Uncomfortable swelling and discoloration of tissues
  • Frequent bleeding when you brush and floss
  • Persistent halitosis (bad breath)
  • Tissue damage and attachment loss that causes tooth loss

In addition to these mouth-specific issues, research has uncovered connections between gum disease and significant general threats, including heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and more!

Treating Patients With Periodontal Health Concerns

For our patients who have problems with their periodontal health, we can present different treatment options. Ultrasonic scaling is an advanced treatment option that clears away bacteria on the roots of your teeth before polishing the roots to stop new accumulations. We use an ultrasonic tool for this to make cleaning these sensitive areas more comfortable. Antibacterial applications also help to target infected areas.

If you already have gum disease that requires ongoing treatment, we will tailor your care to protect you. Many patients have their infection issues controlled with deep cleanings scheduled three to four times per year that take the place of traditional teeth cleanings.

Find Out How Davies General Dentistry Can Protect Your Gums

Ignoring the risks of gum disease can have lasting consequences. Fortunately, you can depend on your Waukesha, WI dentist to protect you! For more information on how we can defend your periodontal health, call Davies General Dentistry at 262-522-7878.