Exams & Cleanings

Dr. Kristi and Dr. Kent are proud to continue their family’s legacy of providing smile care to Waukesha and surrounding communities. Dental exams and cleanings are an important part of that legacy, as they are vital to maintaining your oral health in the long term.

Professional cleanings provide valuable feedback as well as protection by looking out for threats like gum disease and tooth decay. During the appointment we look out for any health or quality of life issues that should be addressed.

How Davies General Dentistry Protects Your Smile

During every appointment, your hygienist will thoroughly clear away tartar and plaque buildup and provide tips for better care at home. This service lowers your risk for problems in ways that exceed home care. Tartar deposits resist removal when you brush and floss, and your hygienist can help you recognize the need for changes in your routine to best protect harder to reach areas.

Dental exams provide a careful evaluation from your dentist, with some appointments providing x-rays in addition to visual reviews. This evaluation gives feedback about common threats like gum disease and dental decay, but they also go beyond these issues and provide comprehensive feedback and the best possible updates about your overall oral health.

The Importance Of Consistent Preventive Care

Consistent dental exams protect your smile over time, lowering your risk for threats while ensuring any problems you have are caught and treated early. These visits protect your teeth, gums, restorations, and oral structures. They also give you regular opportunities to ask questions and bring up concerns about your appearance and well-being.

A healthy smile can be essential to your confidence. It also affects your health in ways that may surprise you. Untreated cavities lead to infection issues that can spread beyond a tooth and cause serious health issues. Complications from gum disease can result in tooth loss and may raise your risk for general problems, including heart disease!

Establishing a good relationship with your dentist gives you lasting support that can benefit more than just your smile. We build relationships with patients so that we can tailor care to their needs and to make them feel like they’re always comfortable in our office!  

Book Your Next Dental Exam & Cleaning At Davies General Dentistry

Your time with your dentist is important, and our practice will help you make the most of it! We build trust with patients so that they have an easier time discussing their needs and concerns. Whether you come in with concerns about your smile or want to keep it healthy, we provide outstanding protection in a friendly, comfortable environment. For more information, call Davies General Dentistry in Waukesha, WI today at 262-522-7878.