Oral Cancer Screenings

Your routine dental visits give your dentist the opportunity to check for any threats to your oral health, including severe threats like oral cancer. We carefully screen patients for any abnormal growths or lesions that need to be evaluated. Early detection and treatment is important for limiting the impact of this disease and improving odds of successful treatment.

Screening For Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

Any lesions like lumps, white or red patches, and sores that do not heal can all be signs of oral cancer. During your exam, we perform a detailed visual review to look for any abnormalities that call for testing. If something is found, we will arrange for the appropriate testing and next steps.

We understand how scary it is to hear that tests are needed. Our office builds strong relationships with our patients in part because we know how important it is to receive support from someone you trust and feel comfortable around at a time when your health is in question.

Lowering Your Risk For Oral Cancer

There are behavioral changes you can make to lower your risk for developing this disease. Alcohol and tobacco use can both raise your risk. Sun exposure is also a concern, as it raises your risk for lip cancer. Healthier diet habits and a better oral health regimen can also protect you.

Davies General Dentistry Offers Oral Cancer Screenings As Part Of Our Comprehensive Smile Care

Davies General Dentistry provides oral cancer screenings for our patients. To learn more about why we do this, and how doing so can benefit you, call our Waukesha, WI dental office at 262-522-7878.